About NeetSec International

NeetSec is a company specialized in cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies that seeks to guarantee the security of our client's data as for blockchain solutions and cutting-edge cryptographic technologies. Based on the respect of freedoms on the Internet as well as open source philosophies, we are focused on the point of innovative solutions that protect both the information and the freedoms of our customers in a world that is increasingly dangerous, centralized and controlled by groups Our information is sold to the highest bidder.




Our mission is to generate the adequate secure armor to ensure that client projects are carried out in a safe environment and we are constantly updated to adapt them to new technologies. At the same time, we also provide advice and development for the financial sectors backed up in blockchain and cryptographic decentralized systems, which we consider an essential pillar for the future of the Internet and the world.

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We fully support projects such as the Free Software Fundation (FSF), the Electronic Frontier Fundation (EFF), The Guardian Project, Whisper Solutions, bitcoin, vergecurrency, ethereum, holochain among others. these projects fit the same ideological fundamental base as NeetSec International.